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Volume XXIII


Lady Hale


Celia Reynolds

Éagóir Nó Ceartas? Táithí na n-Íosportach I gCóras Corónach na hÉireann
agus Moltaí D’Athchóiriú I Léith Chearta an Duine

Blánaid Ní Chearnaigh

Geo-Engineering the Climate: A Preliminary Examination of International
Governance Challenges and Opportunities

Kevin Keane

An Opportunity for Pre-Emption: Exploring the Legal Vacuum Occupied by
those Internally Displaced by Slow-Onset Climate Change

James Patrick Sexton

The Perspective from Luxembourg: How Does the European Court of Justice
Respond to the Rule of Law Crisis Within the Member States

Niels Kirst

The European Convention on Human Rights and the Investigatory Powers
Tribunal: Rationalising a Law unto Itself

Kathryn Wilson

Trade Union Recognition: A Defence of the Irish Regime in Light of British

Louise McCormack

Back to the Future: How Well Equipped is Irish Employment Equality Law to
Adapt to Artificial Intelligence

Naomi Foale

The Interaction Between Directive 2015/2366 (EU) on Payment Services and
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection Concerning Third Party

Dilja Helgadottir

A Right, A Bundle, Or a Tree: Which Describes the Legal Nature of the
Commons Best?

Alexander Robert Houghton

R v McCarthy [2019]: How Body Modification Made Us Rethink Our Need to
Modify the Law

Iona Murfitt

Ein Mögliches Modell fùr die Reform Des Hassredegesetzes: Ein Vergleich
Zwischen Irland Und Deutschland Über Die Freie Meinungsäusserung

Jack Counihan

“La Lutte Continue”: Un Examen de la Protection du Droit de Grève en France et
en Irlande

Jane Reddin

Towards Contextual Intersectionality: An Analysis of the Common European
Asylum System

Fiona Argenta


The Hon Mr Justice Gerard Hogan


Alannah Irwin

Of Rights and Men: An Assessment of European Jurisdictional Rules Over Transnational Corporate Abuse Claims

Adeline Michoud

Europe's Rule of Law Crisis: An Assessment of The EU's Capacity To Address Systematic Breaches of Its Foundational Values in Member States

Patrick Lavelle

Consolidating the Approach to Article 41.1: Gorry & Anor v Minister for Justice and Equality

Cillian Bracken

Case Note: AB v The Clinical Director of St Loman's Hospital

Aoibh Cassidy

Revisiting the Interpretation of the Protected Groups of the Genocide Convention in Light of the Rohingya Crisis

Adrià Ferrer-Monfort

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Reconciling the Comparable Culpability of Juveniles and the Intellectually Disabled in US Death Penalty Jurisprudence

Lauren A Koster

Dual Criminality in the Corruption Offences Act 2018: A Necessary Requirement or a Hindrance?

Hansi Fischer-Kerrane

The Right to an Environment and its Effects for Climate Change Litigation in Ireland

Eadbhard Pernot

Small Happy Family?: An Analysis of Irish Family Reunification Law as it Applies to Beneficiaries of International Protection

Keire Murphy

Uprooting the Invasive Ivey: Reversing the Effect of Ivey v Genting Casinos Ltd on the Definition of Dishonest Appropriation in the English Law of Theft

Emily Ho Mei Li

Bots, Artificial Intelligence and the General Data Protection Regulation: Asking the Right Questions

Sam Wrigley


Caoilfhionn Sheil

Part I:

EU Law in Ireland Post-Brexit

Anthony M Collins

Greener by Default

Cass R Sunstein and Lucia A Reisch

'A Good, Memorable Number': Ireland, Embryos, and the Fourteen Day Rule

Seán Finan

Part II:

Bunreacht Behind Bars: The Irish Prison System in its Constitutional Context

Alan Eustace

The Intersection Between Data Protection and Competition Law: How to Incorporate Data Protection, as a Non-Economic Objective, into EU Competition Analysis

Louise O’Callaghan

The Centre Cannot Hold: Reflections on Militant Democracy in Germany

Benjamin Low

Lateral Thinking: Justifying the Horizontal Application of Constitutional rights

Alastair Richardson

iPromise: How Contract Theory Can Inform Regulation of Online Consumer Contracts

Christopher McMahon

The Right of Secession in International Law Reconsidered

Enyeribe Oguh

Assisted Suicide and the European Convention on Human Rights: A Critical Analysis of the Case Law

Stevie S Martin

Setting a Trend for Design Rights: An Analysis of Whether the United States Should Follow the European Union’s Model for Fashion Design Protection

Katie Mullane

Standing on Thin Ice: Standing Rules and Public Interest Litigation in Ireland and the United States

Cian Henry

International Protection and Human Rights: Divergence, Protection Gaps, and their Peril

Keire Murphy

Keeping Dirty Laundry Where it Belongs: A Move to Court-Ordered Mediation for Will Contest Disputes

Jessica M Pagano

Casenote: PC v Minister for Social Protection

Celia Reynolds

Übertragung von Hoheitscrechten Gemäß Art. 23 Abs. I S. 2 GG: Was Ist Damit Gemeint und Welche Grenzen Setzt Das Deutsche Grundgesetz?

Caoimhe Cotter


Feidhlim Mac Roibin

The New Supreme Court and Court of Appeal: 2014 to 2016 5 and their Future

The Hon Ms Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan

Vixens, Sirens and Whores: The Persistence of Stereotypes in Sexual Offence Law

Jack Farrell

The Duty of Confidentiality in Irish Medical Law: Individualistic and Communitarian Rationales

Hilary Hogan

If ‘Mum’ is the Word, is it the Law? Irish Privacy Law: A Comparative Perspective

Paul McDonagh-Forde

Article 4(2) TEU: A Blow to the Supremacy of Union Law?

Neil Murphy

Corporate Criminal Liability: Developing a Legislative Model of Attribution

Conor Davis

Leaning in and Lying Down: How Workplace ‘Equality’ has Failed to Result in Equality of Work-Life Balance

Shannon Buckley Barnes

A Critical Analysis of Sham Trusts

David Mallon

Explaining the Different Propensities to Litigate in Takeovers in the UK and US

Sarah Morley

Casenote: Mohamud v WM Morrison Supermarkets PLC

Martha Ni Dhochartaigh

Quelle Peut Etre la Contribution de la Certification a la Protection des Donnees Personnelles?

Eric Lachaud


Dáire AJL McCormack-George

Some Reflections on the Independence of the Judiciary in Ireland in 21st Century Europe

The Hon Mr Justice Donal O’Donnell

Owusu, Lis Pendens and the Recent Recast of the Brussels I Regulation

Ivan Ovchinnikov

Monkey See, Monkey Sue? Gerwith’s Principle of Generic Consistency and Rights for Non-Human Agents

Joshua Jewitt

Proposing a Cortical Criterion for Determining Death: A Legal Inquiry

Lauren Harper

A “First Look”: The Canadian Courts’ Treatment of Good Faith Contractual Performances Post-Bhasin

Brandon Pasternak

The Right of the Child to be Heard: The Case for Child Participation in Foster Care Proceedings

Donna Marie McNamara

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Its Threats to the Affordability of Medical Products in Developing Countries

Marc Stuhldreier

Judicial Review of the Decisions of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Shauna Keniry

Implementation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Perspectives from Deliberative Democracy

Alicia Pastor Camarasa

In Defence of Offence: Freedom of Expression, Offensive Speech and the Approach of the European Court of Human Rights

Aoife O’Reilly

Case Note: Bederev v Ireland

Jack Spain

Carter c Canada: Un Tournant dans le Droit Fondamental à Mourir au Canada

Miriam Pinkesz


Caoimhe Stafford

Ireland and Judicial (In)dependence in Light of the Twenty-Ninth Amendment to the Constitution

Clare Elizabeth Kelly

Legal Indeterminacy: Causes and Significance

Conor Casey

The Role of Dignity in Human Rights Theory: Constituent or Teleological?

Tom Lowenthal

The Exclusion Clause and the Intersection of International Criminal Law and the Refugee Convention

Sarah Creedon

The Post-Modern Approach to Sexual Offending: A Critique of Notification and Registration Schemes

Kyrsten Baker

The Impact of Positive Action on Private Law Freedoms – Proposed EU Directive on Gender Balance in the Boardroom

Niall O’Connor

European Insolvency Law: Development, Harmonisation and Reform; A Case Study on the European Internal Market

Emilie Ghio

Decoupling Voting Rights from Economic Interest: The Case of Empty and Negative Voting

David Marais

Case Note: PP v Health Service Executive

Clara Hurley

Case Note: Gaeilge Bhriste: Irish Language Rights in O Maicin v Ireland

Hazel Bergin

Affaire Vincent Lambert: Le Juge, le Medecin et la Loi

Alexandra Gouin

Strafmundigkeitsalter in Irland: Ist die Zeit nun Reif fur Eine Reform, Das

Shauna Keniry


Rebecca Keating

A New Dimensions to Intellectual Property Infringement: An Evaluation of the Intellectual Property Issues Associated with 3D Printing

Peter Twomey

The Right to Privacy, Clandestine Surveillance and International Trade in the United States and European Union

Roisin Costello

Left in Limbo: The Need to Regulate International Surrogacy Agreements

Ruth Keating

Diving into Dark Pools: An Analysis of Hidden Liquidity with Regard to the Proposed Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

George O’Malley

Choice of Court Agreements and Brussels I Recast – The End of ‘Torpedo’ Actions

Chukwudi Ojiegbe

A Balancing Act: The Rights of the Accused and Witness Protection Measures

Maille Brady Bates

The Framing of the Shrew: A Study of the Sexualisation of the Female Criminal

Harriet Burgess

The Chaos of Reasonable Doubt

Glen Rogers

Wicklow County Council v Fortune (No 2): Foundations Build on Sand?

Andrew Heffernan

The Mutual Exclusivity of the Right to Life and British Counter-Insurgency in Northern Ireland; A Case Study of the Human Rights Implications of the Use of ‘Set Piece’ Killing Tactic by the SAS in East Tyrone

Kevin Hearty

L’Affaire Baby-Loup, Les Juges Ouvrent La Boîte De Pandore

Felix Thillaye


Colm Kelly

A Time to Change the Law on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Ireland

Colm Scott Byrne

The Challenge of Humanitarian Intervention: Towards a Consistent Doctrine of Responsibility to Protect in International Law?

Stephen Kirwan

Halting a Shift in the Paradigm: The Need for Bitcoin Regulation

Peter Twomey

Torture and the Value of Autonomy

Stuart Goosey

The Languages Acts in the Republic of Ireland and Canada: Lessons to be Learnt by Northern Ireland

Clayton O’Neill

Hacktivism: Cyber Activism or Cyber Crime?

George O’Malley

European Governance and Policy Responses in the Battle to Save the Eurozone: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Yvonne Barry

Meadows v The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform: An Unreasonable Lack of Clarity?

Daniel Price

Un Fonds Commun de Valeurs? L’union Europeenne Face Aux Violations Des Droits Fondamentaux Communautaires Par Ses Etats Membres

Ferenc Jari


Ben Mitchell

Hypothesising a Hypothetical on a Probable Basis: Can this be Factual Cause in Medical Negligence?

Sarah Fulham-McQuillan

Fulfilling the Right to Privacy: Positive Obligations to Assist Those in Inadequate Housing

Nicholas McMurry

Would Dodd-Frank work in Ireland? An Examination of US and Irish Legislation relating to Mortgage Practices and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis

Christopher O’Connel

Natural Law: A Bible for Judicial Reasoning?

Cian O’Connor, Laurence Kelly and Eoghan McSwiney

A Freestanding Right or a Means to an End? The Right to Strike in the ILO and EU Legal Frameworks

Mimi Zou

Dereci: An Analysis of the ‘Genuine Enjoyment’ Test and European Union Citizenship under Articles 20 and 21 TFEU

James Mc Connon

Extra-Territorial Claims for the Irish Constitution? The Supreme Court’s Approach in the Case of Nottinghamshire County Council v B

Riccardo Savona

Case Note: Dellway Investments and Ors v National Asset Management Agency and Ors

Ruth Keating

La Theorie de l’Expectative Legitime en droit Anglais et Canadien: Evolution Inegale Cherche Justification

Martin Thiboutot

Konnen Sie mir einen Vertragsort empfehlen? –  Schutz vor missbrauchlichen Klauseln in Verbrauchervertragen: Die Auswirkungen der Richtlinie 93/13/EWG auf die Rechtsordnungen Deutschlands, Englands und Irlands im Vergleich

Eanna O’Donnell


Jack Paterson Sch

Health Law: The Need for a New Legal Course

Molly Joyce Sch

Bankruptcy Reform: An Unlikely Kick-Start for the Economy

Kevin Bell

European Consensus: A Worthy Endeavour for the European Court of Human Rights?

Daniel Regan

Hate Speech Bans: An Intolerant Response to Intolerance

Stuart Chan

A Privilege Worthy of Protection: Journalists and their Sources

Diarmaid Murphy

Back to the Future: A New Approach to Corporate Political Expression

Ronan Costello

The Special and Differential Treatment Mechanism and the WTO: Cultivating Trade Inequality for Developing Countries

Anna Marie Brennan

Europe’s Regulatory Response to the Financial Crisis: The European System of Financial Supervisors

Robert Wyse Jackson

The Explanatory Gap in the Theory of Natural Law

Brian O Beirne

La Competence Penale Universelle: Une Derive Nefaste Dans l’Internationalisation du Droit

Emile Burke-Murphy Sch

Schutzfahigkeit von Non- Fiktionalen Sendeformaten Nach dem Urheberrecht und Wettbewerbsrecht in Deutschlan

Frederike Flechsig

Dedicated to the Memory of Gernot Biehler

Beloved friend and colleague of the Law School


Brian O’Beirne

Lesbian Co-Parenting and Assisted Reproduction: In an Age of Increasing Alternative Family Forms, Can Ireland Continue to Ignore the Need for Legislative Boundaries to be Placed on “Fertile” Ground?

Megan Leonard Kane

Combating Biodiversity Loss: An Analysis of Compensatory Measures under the Habitats Directive<

Niamh O’Sullivan

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: An Analysis of the Influence of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Repossession of Public Housing in Ireland

Caroline Carney, Lorna Nic Lochlainn, Siobhan O’Donoghue, Tom Power

The Case for an Originalist Approach to Constitutional Interpretation in Ireland

Stephen Brittain

Breach of Contract and “Unjust” Enrichment

Alan Bunbury

Maximising Justice: Using Transitional Justice Mechanisms to Address Questions of Development in Nepal

Donna Lyons

Subsidiarity and Seanad Eireann

Micheal Marc Delehanty

Informed Consent, Patient Autonomy and Causation: Competing Perspectives – The United States, Ireland and Germany

David Vos

Roche v Roche: Some Guidance for Frozen Embryo Disputes

Andrea Mulligan Sch

An Analysis of the Court’s Interpretation of Article 40.1 in JD v Residential Institutions Redress Committee

Andrew Flynn

La Revision Constitutionnelle et la Democratie

Jack Paterson Sch

Kurzarbeit nach dem deutschen Modell als Antwort auf Konjunkturschwachen in Irland

Christopher O’Hara Sch


Jason Rudall

Goshawk Dedicated Ltd v Life Receivables Ireland Ltd – Jurisdiction, Lis Alibi Pendens and Problematic Use of the Brussels Regime

David Kenny

War, Invasion, Occupation – A Problem of Status on the Gaza Strip

Susan Power

Morality and Its Restraining Influence on European Antitrust Criminalisation

Peter Whelan

The Admissibility of Previous Witness Statements

Niamh O’Sullivan

Modernising the Law on Pre-Nuptial Agreements in Ireland

Brian Barry

Le Principe de Precaution: Vers une Redefinition des Frontieres du Risque

Ludovic Highman

Ein Weiterer Schritt fur Europa – Das Common Law and Civil Law Aus Europaischer Perspektive

Joanne Neary

Dedicated to the Memory of Natalie Forde

Auditor, Dublin University Law Society, 69th Session


Dr Gerard Hogan SC

Dworkin and Judicial Discretion: A Critical Analysis of the Pre-Existence Thesis

Donna Lyons

Codification of Directors’ Duties: An Act to Follow

Fraser Dobbie

European Union Amicus Curiae Briefs: The Road to Abolition of the Death Penalty

Nikki O’Sullivan

Interpretation of Contracts in Commercial Law: Competing Principles

Bobby Hussain

The Shari’ah Prohibition of Interest

Edana Richardson

Judicial Discretion versus Restraint in the Realm of Human Rights: A Contextual Approach to the UK Human Rights Act 1998

Terence McCleave

Tour Pour un et Pour Tous: La Responsibilite de Proteger Dans L’Ordre Mondial

Ciara Murphy and Keina Yoshida

Schadensersatzanspruchie Privater Bei Verstoben Gegen Das Eg-Wettbewersbrecht-Optimierung Nach Dem Us -, Antitrust Damages’ Modell

Anna Hickey


Fergus O’Domhnaill

Impartiality in Judicial Appointments: An Absent Concept

Michael J S Moran

Constructing a House of Cards – Social and Affordable Housing in Ireland: Policy and Practice

Brid Cannon

Is Corrective Justice Subsidiary to Distributive Justice – Which Answer Better Captures the Meaning of Tort Law Practice

Norman S Wilson

Jackson v Attorney General: Moving towards a Legal Constitution

Chong Siew Lin Grace

Coca, Cocaine and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

James Kirk

Diplomatic Protection for Dual Nationals: Effective Nationality or Non-Responsibility

Jessica Peake

Liberators or Libertines – The Rape of Iraq

Francis Eoin McConville

European Commission’s Revised Leniency Notice for Cartel Cases

David R Little

Deutsche Morgan Grenfell v Inland Revenue Commissioners

Ruth Forman

Les Measures de Sauvegarde et l’Affaire Etats Unis-Agneau: Consenties dans Le Systeme de l’OMC

Chiara Orlandini

Lektionen fur Irak – Die Universelle Anwenbarkeit der Erfahrung Beim Erlass des Deutschen Grundgesetzes Und Der Irishchen Verfassung

Calum Warren


Rita Kilroy

Gacaca – A Paradigm for Restorative Justice in Rwanda

Kate McKenna

Retroactivity Revisited: Justice after Normalised Violence

Stephanie A Barbour

Juvenile Offending in Northern Ireland: Perspectives on Interventions with Young People at Risk

Gerard Kelly

Precedent in the WTO: Advantages of De Jure Stare Decesis

Eoin Gubbins

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes – Why the European Court of Justice is the EU’s Own Worst Enemy

Chris Knight

Exposing Hercules’ Achilles Heel: Dworkin and the Single Right Answer Thesis

Patrick Horan

Buried Truth: A Criminological Analysis of the Illicit Antiquities Trade

Michelle Casey

Cogley v RTE and Aherne v RTE

Rachel Walsh

Section 150 of the Companies Act 1990: Some Recent Developments

Andrew Leyden

Refusal to Supply Jurisprudence in European Competition Law since Oscar Bronner

Edmond O’Hanlon

Vers une Politique Communautaire en Matiere d’Immigration

Stephen Ryan


Elizabeth Wall

A Veiled Problem: Religion in Irish Schools

Claire Hogan

The Administration of Justice, Arbitration and the Shari’a Law Tribunals of Ontario: A Constitutional Perspective

Abigail Semple

Ashbourne Holdings: Interpretation and Implication for Planning Gain

David O’Connor

Come One, Come All – Public Participation in Environmental Law in Ireland: A Legal, Theoretical and Sociological Analysis

Niamh O’Reilly

Liberty v Security – UK Anti-Terrorism Legislation, the ECHR and the House of Lords

Niamh Hayes

The Proposed Constitution for Europe – Towards an Effective Union or a Federal Superstate – A Sceptical Perspective

Aoife McMahon

Threats and Challenges: Power and Weakness and the Rhetorical Presentation of Problem-Solving Alternatives

Gregory Smith

Push Me – Pull Me – Cross-Purpose Regulation of the Banking Sector in Ireland

Alan B Rabkin

Natural Law and Legal Positivism: Rivals or Reconcilable

Mary Rogan


David Fennelly

Courts Make a New Friend – Amicus Curiae Jurisdiction in Ireland

Zeldine O’Brien

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act 2000: A Review in Light of Murray v Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse

Nathan Reilly

A Change Will Do You Good: The Evolving Position of Transsexuals under Irish & European Convention Law

Roderic O’Gorman

TD Re-Considered: Constructing a New Approach to Enforcement of Rights

Francis Kieran

Social Capital: To What Extent Can It Be a Means to Achieve Sustainable Development in Planning and Development

Elizabeth Wall

Some Comments about Caution: Emerging Trends in Irish Negligence Law

Ray Ryan and Des Ryan

An Audit of Fair Procedures within the GAA: The Impetus for Change of the GAA’s Disciplinary Rules Provided by the Na Fianna Action

Nessa Fee

Corpus Juris, the Presumption of Innocence and the Eurosceptic

Gina Conheady

The Recognition and Enforcement of Wills and Successions in the European Union – Brussels III

Cliodhna Murphy

The Legality of War in Iraq: A Necessary Fiction for the Maintenance of International Law

Marianne Bogue

Case Note: US – Steel Safeguards

Robert Barnidge Jr

Justice for Our Times : Shaping Law for a Changing World


Maria Cahill

Social Justice

A New Legal Approach to Reducing Social Exclusion

Paul O’Connell and Deirdre Malone

Opening up the Courts to the Marginalised: The Uses and Usefulness of Public Interest Litigation in India Social Justice

Orla Ni Chuilleanain

Legitimacy in the Criminal Justice System of Northern Ireland: A Criminological Analysis

Mary Rogan

Humanitarian Intervention: Evolving Theory and Praxis

Sara Siebert

Environmental Law

Environmental Degradation as a Threat to Life: A Question of Justice?

Jeremie Gilbert

Conserving Biodiversity: The Extent to Which the Patent System Encourages the Destruction of Our Ecological Heritage

Mary Connery

Genetically Modified Organisms and Democracy

Niall Clancy

Emerging Doctrines

Winner All Right – Liability in Tort for Injury in Sport

Ray Ryan

Wednesbury Unreasonableness in Irish Judicial Review: No Evidence of Sub-Super or Pragmatic-Functional Approaches

Caitriona Coughlan


Mr Pat Cox MEP, President of the European Parliament

Constitutionalising the Tort of Defamation: Bunreacht na hEireann as a Framework for the Reform of Ireland’s Libel Laws

Brian F Conroy

American Tobacco Litigation: Lessons for European Product Liability

Joshua Hogan

Public Interest Law and the Irish Legal System: All Crass and No Class

Genevieve Coonan

Hung, Drawn and Quartered – The Future of the Constitutional Reference to Treason

Mary Connery

What Do We Want – When Do We Want It – Direct Effect and the World Trade Organisation

Maria Cahill

The Growth of Private Security and Associated Criminological Concerns

John Hugh Colleran

Human Rights Focus

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction of the European Convention on Human Rights

Michael Kearney

Preventive Detention and Post-September 11th Legislation

Shane Darcy

Self-Determination for Tibet: Prospects in International Law

Alan Brouder

South Africa and Affirmative Action – The Legality of the Employment Equity Act under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Brian Farrell

Children’s Right to a Fair Trial under International Law

Livio Zilli

The Right to Development and the Proliferation of Rights in International Law

Orla Sheehy


Consensual Assault – Just What Is the Law

Brian Foley

Sellafield MOX Plant Case: An Analysis of the ITLOS’ Order on Ireland’s Request for Provisional Measures

Elizabeth Wall

The Greening of European Habitats Jurisprudence – R v Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, ex parte First Corporate Shipping Ltd

Ronan Lambe

Home Rule or Rome Rule: Ireland’s Acceptance of the International Criminal Court Note

Catherine Turner

Revolt or Revolution: A Hartean Analysis Note



Her Excellency Mary McAleese, President of Ireland

The Case against the Case against Microsoft

John Hogan

Legal Rites: Substance and Shibboleth in American Constitutional Jurisprudence

Sean Patrick Donlan

Predatory Pricing after Akzo-Chemie

Simon Hannigan

Water, Water Everywhere, But Is It Safe to Drink – An Analysis of the Drinking Water Directive before the Court of Justice and Its Possible Consequences for Ireland

Ronan Lambe

Hinduism, Human Rights and the Barbarian Mind

Trevor Redmond

A Critical Analysis of the Decision of the Competition Authority in the Guinness Case

Mark Russell

Same Problem, Same Solution – The Treatment of the Voluntarily Intoxicated Offender in England and Germany

Brian Foley

A New Approach to EC Antitrust Enforcement: Restructuring and Rationalisation

Patrick O’Reilly

Fin De Siecle: Marxist Criminology since the Fall of the Soviet Union

Stephen Ranalow


Mrs Justice Susan Denham

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: The Effect of Composition of Juries on Verdict

Rachel Casey

Social and Affordable Housing: Part V of the Planning and Development Bill, 1999

Simon Hannigan

Differing Approaches to the Search for Justice in Rwanda

Trevor Redmond

The Rise and Fall of the Mistake of Law Rule

Erik Gannon

Bearing a Constitutional Cross Examining Blasphemy and the Judicial Role in Corway v Independent Newspapers

Stephen Ranalow

The Path Not Taken: The Global Approach to the Free Movement of Persons

Ailbhe O’Neill

Beyond Changing the Face of Power and Altering the Structures of Oppression: Socio-Economic Rights, Constitutional Jurisprudence and Social Transformation in South Africa

Sara Siebert

Piercing the Shield of Immunity: The Case of Augusto Pinochet

Diarmuid Sheridan


Mrs Justice Susan Denham

The Family Home: Constructive and Resulting Trusts in Irish and English Law

Erik Gannon

The Supreme Court and the School Chaplains Case

Ronan McCrea

Supergrass Testimony and Reasonable Doubt: An Examination of DPP v Ward

Caitriona Ingoldsby

A Change to the Scheduled Viewing: Does Ireland Need to Change Its Approach to Courtroom Television or Does the Camera Really Add Ten Years

Rory O’Malley

Taxes – Just for the Little People? An Application of Major Criminological Theories to Tax Evasion

Gavyn N Cairns

Of Mice and Men: The Patentability of Biotechnology

Rachel Casey

Facade Retention – Standing of Incorporated Persons to Challenge Planning Permissions

Oran Doyle

Liability without Fault – Rylands v Fletcher Revitalised

Richard Shields


The Honorable Mr Justice Brian Walsh

‘When Divorce is Away, Nullity’s at Play: A New Ground for Annulment, Its Dubious Past and Its Uncertain Future’

Fergus W Ryan

Men of Straw – Change to the Rules of Locus Standi: An Unsuspected Side Effect of the McKenna and Hanafin Decisions

Oran Doyle

The Nuclear Age, a Threat to Humanity and a Threat to Law

Cormac O’Daly

The C Case

James Dalton

Judicial Review of Acts of Parliament: The French Experience

Nelius Carey

Anisimova: The Legal Basis for Return to a Third Country in Irish Law

Cassandra Byrne

The Ghost at the Banquet – Article 85, Vertical Restaints, and the Application of a Rule of Reason Approach

Joseph G O’Hanlon

Carltona and the Irish Administration: Devanney v Shields

James Dalton

Does Expression Have Any Freedom Left – Murphy v Independent Radio and Television Commission

Robert Cannon