Volume XIII

Dedicated to the Memory of Gernot Biehler

Beloved friend and colleague of the Law School


Brian O’Beirne

Lesbian Co-Parenting and Assisted Reproduction: In an Age of Increasing Alternative Family Forms, Can Ireland Continue to Ignore the Need for Legislative Boundaries to be Placed on “Fertile” Ground?

Megan Leonard Kane

Combating Biodiversity Loss: An Analysis of Compensatory Measures under the Habitats Directive<

Niamh O’Sullivan

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: An Analysis of the Influence of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Repossession of Public Housing in Ireland

Caroline Carney, Lorna Nic Lochlainn, Siobhan O’Donoghue, Tom Power

The Case for an Originalist Approach to Constitutional Interpretation in Ireland

Stephen Brittain

Breach of Contract and “Unjust” Enrichment

Alan Bunbury

Maximising Justice: Using Transitional Justice Mechanisms to Address Questions of Development in Nepal

Donna Lyons

Subsidiarity and Seanad Eireann

Micheal Marc Delehanty

Informed Consent, Patient Autonomy and Causation: Competing Perspectives – The United States, Ireland and Germany

David Vos

Roche v Roche: Some Guidance for Frozen Embryo Disputes

Andrea Mulligan Sch

An Analysis of the Court’s Interpretation of Article 40.1 in JD v Residential Institutions Redress Committee

Andrew Flynn

La Revision Constitutionnelle et la Democratie

Jack Paterson Sch

Kurzarbeit nach dem deutschen Modell als Antwort auf Konjunkturschwachen in Irland

Christopher O’Hara Sch