Volume XII


Jason Rudall

Goshawk Dedicated Ltd v Life Receivables Ireland Ltd – Jurisdiction, Lis Alibi Pendens and Problematic Use of the Brussels Regime

David Kenny

War, Invasion, Occupation – A Problem of Status on the Gaza Strip

Susan Power

Morality and Its Restraining Influence on European Antitrust Criminalisation

Peter Whelan

The Admissibility of Previous Witness Statements

Niamh O’Sullivan

Modernising the Law on Pre-Nuptial Agreements in Ireland

Brian Barry

Le Principe de Precaution: Vers une Redefinition des Frontieres du Risque

Ludovic Highman

Ein Weiterer Schritt fur Europa – Das Common Law and Civil Law Aus Europaischer Perspektive

Joanne Neary