Volume VIII


Elizabeth Wall

A Veiled Problem: Religion in Irish Schools

Claire Hogan

The Administration of Justice, Arbitration and the Shari’a Law Tribunals of Ontario: A Constitutional Perspective

Abigail Semple

Ashbourne Holdings: Interpretation and Implication for Planning Gain

David O’Connor

Come One, Come All – Public Participation in Environmental Law in Ireland: A Legal, Theoretical and Sociological Analysis

Niamh O’Reilly

Liberty v Security – UK Anti-Terrorism Legislation, the ECHR and the House of Lords

Niamh Hayes

The Proposed Constitution for Europe – Towards an Effective Union or a Federal Superstate – A Sceptical Perspective

Aoife McMahon

Threats and Challenges: Power and Weakness and the Rhetorical Presentation of Problem-Solving Alternatives

Gregory Smith

Push Me – Pull Me – Cross-Purpose Regulation of the Banking Sector in Ireland

Alan B Rabkin

Natural Law and Legal Positivism: Rivals or Reconcilable

Mary Rogan