Volume VII


David Fennelly

Courts Make a New Friend – Amicus Curiae Jurisdiction in Ireland

Zeldine O’Brien

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse Act 2000: A Review in Light of Murray v Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse

Nathan Reilly

A Change Will Do You Good: The Evolving Position of Transsexuals under Irish & European Convention Law

Roderic O’Gorman

TD Re-Considered: Constructing a New Approach to Enforcement of Rights

Francis Kieran

Social Capital: To What Extent Can It Be a Means to Achieve Sustainable Development in Planning and Development

Elizabeth Wall

Some Comments about Caution: Emerging Trends in Irish Negligence Law

Ray Ryan and Des Ryan

An Audit of Fair Procedures within the GAA: The Impetus for Change of the GAA’s Disciplinary Rules Provided by the Na Fianna Action

Nessa Fee

Corpus Juris, the Presumption of Innocence and the Eurosceptic

Gina Conheady

The Recognition and Enforcement of Wills and Successions in the European Union – Brussels III

Cliodhna Murphy

The Legality of War in Iraq: A Necessary Fiction for the Maintenance of International Law

Marianne Bogue

Case Note: US – Steel Safeguards

Robert Barnidge Jr