Volume IX


Rita Kilroy

Gacaca – A Paradigm for Restorative Justice in Rwanda

Kate McKenna

Retroactivity Revisited: Justice after Normalised Violence

Stephanie A Barbour

Juvenile Offending in Northern Ireland: Perspectives on Interventions with Young People at Risk

Gerard Kelly

Precedent in the WTO: Advantages of De Jure Stare Decesis

Eoin Gubbins

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes – Why the European Court of Justice is the EU’s Own Worst Enemy

Chris Knight

Exposing Hercules’ Achilles Heel: Dworkin and the Single Right Answer Thesis

Patrick Horan

Buried Truth: A Criminological Analysis of the Illicit Antiquities Trade

Michelle Casey

Cogley v RTE and Aherne v RTE

Rachel Walsh

Section 150 of the Companies Act 1990: Some Recent Developments

Andrew Leyden

Refusal to Supply Jurisprudence in European Competition Law since Oscar Bronner

Edmond O’Hanlon

Vers une Politique Communautaire en Matiere d’Immigration

Stephen Ryan