Volume II


Mrs Justice Susan Denham

The Family Home: Constructive and Resulting Trusts in Irish and English Law

Erik Gannon

The Supreme Court and the School Chaplains Case

Ronan McCrea

Supergrass Testimony and Reasonable Doubt: An Examination of DPP v Ward

Caitriona Ingoldsby

A Change to the Scheduled Viewing: Does Ireland Need to Change Its Approach to Courtroom Television or Does the Camera Really Add Ten Years

Rory O’Malley

Taxes – Just for the Little People? An Application of Major Criminological Theories to Tax Evasion

Gavyn N Cairns

Of Mice and Men: The Patentability of Biotechnology

Rachel Casey

Facade Retention – Standing of Incorporated Persons to Challenge Planning Permissions

Oran Doyle

Liability without Fault – Rylands v Fletcher Revitalised

Richard Shields