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Courting High Drama: Our Day with Ian Bailey

Courting High Drama: Our Day with Ian Bailey

Caoilfhionn Sheil - JF Law | TCLR Junior Editorial Board

When it came to deciding what scintillating legal issue I would write about for this blog, a few different ideas came to mind. One was the concept of Dáil Privilege, recently brought into the public arena by Mary Lou McDonald TD regarding the Ansbacher accounts scandal. Another was the unenumerated rights doctrine; particularly the vague ideology behind the notion of ‘natural law’- how could the courts use this philosophy as justification for deciding cases when the logic behind so called ‘natural law’ varies in the eye of each person? However as I pondered these ideas, the media began to spout information about a case that was sure to capture the imagination of the public- Ian Bailey, ‘back for revenge’. So I decided to attend the High Court and write about my observations.

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