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Subscriptions to the Trinity College Law Review (ISSN 1393-5941) can be purchased here for €45. For subscriptions in North America, our our sole North American Agent, Gaunt Inc, should be contacted.

For bulk subscriptions or previous issues please contact us at


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Become a Friend of the Law Review

The Law Review is dependent on the goodwill of our ‘friends’ – barristers, solicitors, law firms and judges – who sponsor us each year. To become a Friend of the Law Review, the standard sponsorship sought is €75 per annum for individuals, or €300 for companies. Friends of the Law Review are listed on our website, the inside cover of the print edition, and get a free copy of the journal after the launch.

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Alternatively, you may wish to donate another amount to the Law Review. The minimum donation we accept is €5.00.


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