Editor-in-Chief's Welcome

Caoimhe Stafford

At a time when people are striving more and more for instant gratification, for greater rewards for less work, for better information at a faster rate, the traditional law review seems to staunchly ignore these desires. As they rightly should, our articles remain rather long, representing months of research and containing high levels of analysis.

While the traditional law review should not bow to demands for more explanation by way of gifs, there is certainly room for another platform that will complement the work of law reviews. I believe that this new blog, and others like it, provides the most accessible platform for brief digests of legal news and concise opinion pieces. The aim of promoting legal discourse remains the same: it is simply the means that has adapted to suit the modern world.

In introducing the latest endeavour of the Trinity College Law Review, I am indebted to our Junior Editorial Board Coordinator, Feidhlim Mac Róibín, and our PRO, Martha Davis, for their commitment and enlightened approach to this project.  I would also sincerely like to thank Professor Eoin O'Dell for his helpful advice and encouragement. I think it is fitting that the primary contributors to this blog will be our Junior Editorial Board, as they are best placed to provide truly fresh insights into old ideas.