Distinguished Speaker Series

The TCLR prides itself on promoting legal discourse by means of its Distinguished Speaker Series. The series began in 2006 and has seen countless legal experts speak in Trinity College on a range of topical issues.

Cass Sunstein

Professor Cass Sunstein visited the TCLR in November 2017. He is an American legal scholar, behavioural economist, and prolific writer. He was the Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2012. Professor Sunstein explores the potential for choice architecture to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in his article ‘Greener by Default’ in Volume XXI of the TCLR.


In November 2017, the TCLR hosted a panel discussion on Brexit and its projected repercussions. This event was held in conjunction with the Trinity College Politics Society.

Gina Miller
Ms. Miller was the litigant in R (Miller and Dos Santos) v Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, which established that the UK Government required an Act of Parliament to withdraw from the European Union, and could not rely on the Crown’s prerogative power. Ms Miller is also a successful business woman and activist.

David Kurten
Mr Kurten is a member of the London Assembly and the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He is a graduate of St Andrews, Bath and Southampton universities.

Stephen Donnelly
Mr Donnelly is a TD and the Fianna Fail spokesperson on Brexit. He is a graduate of University College Dublin and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Blasphemy and the Irish Constitution

In October 2017, the TCLR hosted a panel debate on the offence of blasphemy in the Irish Constitution, in conjunction with the Trinity Free Legal Advice Centre.

Michael Nugent

Michael Nugent is the chair of Atheist Ireland, a group which promotes atheism and ethical secularism. He is also a prominent civil rights activist.

Dr. Ali Selim

Dr. Ali Selim is a professor of Arabic in the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies at Trinity College Dublin and is also the spokesperson of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland. Dr. Selim spoke in favour of blasphemy laws at the Constitutional Convention in 2013.

Reverend William Richardson

Reverend William Richardson is the Promoter of Justice with the Dublin Metropolitan Tribunal of the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. His duty is to ensure that fair procedures are followed in the Canon Law courts of the Dublin diocese. Dr. Richardson is one of the foremost experts on Canon Law in Ireland, holding a doctorate in the subject from St. Paul University, Ottawa.

Dr. Neville Cox

Dr. Neville Cox is a Professor of Law and Dean of Graduate Studies in Trinity College Dublin. He has a special interest in Defamation Law and Islamic Law. Dr. Cox is an expert on the subject of blasphemy, having published a number of articles and a book on the topic.