All Hail Public Inquiries! Long May They Reign?

Jack Lyons-University College Cork, Law (International) Introduction Following the Mahon Report, the Irish public thought they had bid farewell to the era of public inquiries. ‘We’ll not see your likes again. Thankfully.’ wrote Michael Clifford on the contentious issue of public inquiries reigning for decades in the Irish domain.[1] However, February 2018 marked the one-year[…]


Direct Provision: the implications of N.H.V. v Minister for Justice and Equality

am Marie O’ReillyJF Law   “Work offers dignity and the best means of integration, and reduces the cost to the State” -A person living in Direct Provision expressing their desire to work[1]       Introduction   On May 30th, 2017, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of a Burmese man’s appeal over the blanket[…]


No “I” in Students’ Union: The Constitutional Right to Opt-Out

Eoin Forde JF Law, JEB Introduction The issue of mandatory Student Union membership is one that has reared its head on Irish college campuses many times over recent years. The genesis of modern campaigns can be seen in 2015, with some students of UCDSU wishing to ‘opt-out’ due to the union’s position on the Eighth[…]