The Trinity College Law Review (TCLR) is Ireland’s leading student-edited law journal. Nearly 20 years old, the TCLR was set up by a small group of students of the Dublin University Law Society in Trinity College, Dublin and has produced many successful lawyers and academics in Ireland and further afield. Notable alumni include Dr. Oran Doyle, current Head of the School of Law at Trinity College, Dublin and constitutional law scholar, Dr. Ronán McCrea, Senior Lecturer at University College London, James Nix, Director of Policy & Operations with An Taisce: The National Trust for Ireland, and Caitriona Ingoldsby, Director of Consular Services in the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.

The TCLR hosts an annual “Authors’ Night” where speakers such as law professors, editors of prominent law journals and judges discuss legal writing strategies and provide advice to students who are considering submitting a paper for publication. In 2006, a “Distinguished Speaker Series” was established. The 2009 discussion was on “The Law’s Response to Gangland Crime in Ireland” and panellists included James Hamilton (then Director of Public Prosecutions), Carol Coulter (Irish Times), Senator Ivana Bacik, and criminal law solicitors Michael Finucane and Petter Mullan. Since then, topics of discussion have included “Comparative Constitutional Law” with Professor Mark Tushnet and Dr. Gerard Hogan SC (2010),  “Is the Seanad Worth Saving?” (2011), “The Fusion of the Legal Professions” (2012) and “The Future of the Irish Corporate Tax Regime” (2014).

The Trinity College Law Review has been on HeinOnline for many years and is now available on Westlaw IE, Ireland’s primary legal research database. In 2014, the TCLR made the big move online, introducing a blog run by our Junior Editorial Board. From 2015, we will be accepting scripts to be published exclusively online.


The TCLR has both a professional and an educational mission. It serves mainly students and the academy by providing a forum for the publication of original legal research of the highest quality. The Law Review also affords members of the Editorial Board two valuable educational experiences. First, we provide training in the performance of all the editorial and administrative tasks associated with the publication of a legal journal. Second, we, from this year on, we will be assisting each of our members in preparing an original work of scholarship suitable for publication. Editors will be encouraged to write their comments on a subject of particular interest to them.


The Editorial Board comprises students of the Dublin University Law Society, a student society at Trinity College, Dublin. Selection to the board is merit-based and highly competitive. Responsible for the selection and editing of the articles published in the review, the board also works to promote legal writing in the College through the Author’s Night, Distinguished Speaker Series, and numerous competitions and prizes throughout the year. The Editorial Board is assisted by the Advisory Board, a group of academics with whom the editors liaise in selecting the articles for publication.